Archie’s Recipe Book

Ice cream and pudding

Pages 31 and 32 bring us ice cream and pudding recipes. The ice box ice cream recipes are fascinating. Instead of using a machine to continually churn and slowly freeze the cream, they call for freezing and hand stirring the cream until light and airy. This, of course, had to be the way they did it before ice cream churns were invented.

And really, if you’re not making ice cream every day, why take up space and waste money on a contraption you’ll only use once or twice a year.

One of the recipes call for PET milk - I haven’t thought about that for ages. My mother always kept a can around in case of dessert. I don’t make desserts though (my wife and I have an agreement. She does desserts, I do everything else), so I never buy it or stock in at home. Those blue and white cans haven’t changed much over the years.