Archie’s Recipe Book

Soups, Sandwiches, Vegetables

How about a nice sandwich and soup for lunch? I hope you like ham. Soups, sandwiches, and vegetable dishes have been transcribed and added.

I remember having this bean soup (or something very similar) when I was young. Thick and creamy. Very hearty. Lots of ham. It’s amusing and appropriate that a southern vegetable soup recipe begins with a big animal bone. Recipes like this cheese and tomato sandwich follow the same lead. Bacon is just assumed to be part of the sandwich. The distinguishing characteristics are the cheese and tomato. Of course there’s bacon.

Many of these recipes take a more casual, conversational tone. Fewer lists of ingredients, more general notes on techniques. I wonder if these recipes, appearing later in the book, hint that Archie had grown more confident in the kitchen and needed to write less down.