Archie’s Recipe Book



Boil 1 pint lima beans until tender. Add salt to water while boiling. Cut enough green corn from the cob to make about 1 quart. Do not cut deep, then scrape out the corn. This makes it much nicer than to cut close to the cob so that the kernels are whole. Add 1 pint of milk, some salt, and a tablespoon of butter to the corn and cook a few minutes. Drain the water from the beans and put them in the dish with the corn. Cook five minutes and serve.

Stuffed peppers

Cut a slice from stem end of each pepper, remove seeds and par boil 15 minutes.

Cook onion in butter 3 minutes; add ham and cook 1 minute. Then add brown sauce and breadcrumbs. Cool mixture, sprinkle peppers with salt, fill with cooked mixture, cover with buttered bread crumbs and bake 10 minutes. Serve on toast with brown sauce.