Archie’s Recipe Book

Site updates, fish, jellies and jams

Along with some behind-the-scenes updates, I’ve updated the search tool to work a little bit better. If you type in a phrase like “angel food cake”, the search tool now does a better job of finding exactly those pages referencing that recipe, whereas before it would find any page that had the words “angel” or “food” or “cake” — which is not particularly useful.

This makes searching for a given recipe much easier. However, if there are no matches for that exact phrase the search tool will still try to find everything that matches. If you’re a search ninja and you already know to use quotes and keywords like “and”, the search tool will try to detect queries like that not do anything fancy to the search results. Give it a shot.

The one-page fish section is now up. One recipe is for “fish balls” - which are just meat balls but made with fish. This was a new concept to me. I think if were to modify the recipe I’d call them “fish dumplings” to protect the innocent.

The section on jams, jellies, and preserves is up too, and includes a neat little newspaper clipping with a watermelon rind preserves recipe.