Archie’s Recipe Book

Jelly, jam, and preserves

Apple jelly

Wash and peel tart apples. Cut into small pieces, measure and ½ as much cold water and let cook slowly until fruit is soft. Strain juice through jelly bag and use a scant cup of sugar to each cup of juice. Cook until it sheets off a spoon or until a little placed on a saucer becomes jellied. Pour into glasses. For crabapple jelly, do not peel the fruit.

Peach jam

Peel and stone peaches. Cover with water and squeeze well with hands. To each cup of fruit, use ¾ cup of sugar and a few fine slices of lemon rind. Cook to thickness desired.

Water melon rind preserves

Remove all pink and green portions from fruit. Cut in squares or strips. Bring to a boil in clean water and cook until partially tender. Drain and reserve some of the syrup to make the cooking syrup.Plunge melon rind in ice water, chill well.

Make syrup ¾ cup of water to 1 lb bag of sugar. Boil syrup 10 minutes, then drop in the rind and cook until tender. Add sliced lemon if syrup isn’t thick enough. Drain off and cook until thick.