Archie’s Recipe Book

Baked peppers

Cold rice and stewed tomatoes can be made into a delicious filling for peppers by seasoning highly with spices and a little onion. These can either be baked directly or can first be fried in hot butter or olive oil, then put in a baking dish covered with a cup of white stock and baked for ½ hour or more. All peppers are better when cooked in stock.

Potatoes on the half shell

Select medium or large potatoes. Scrub and bake. Remove a piece of skin from the side of each potato to make it boat shaped or cut large potatoes in half long way. Scoop out the inside being careful not to break the shell. Mash very thoroughly - it is advisable to put them through the ricer - add butter, salt, milk, and beat well. Pile the mixture lightly back in the shells. Do not smooth down the tops. Stand the filled shells in a shallow pan and return to oven (400ºF) and brown slightly.

Potatoes stuffed with ham

Remove insides of uniform size baked potatoes. Add an equal amount chopped ham. Season with butter, cream, chopped parsley, salt, a little onion, chopped green pepper and refill skins. Top with buttered crumbs and grated cheese. Set in oven and brown.