Archie’s Recipe Book



Cook sugar and syrup until it will spin thread. Then pour half in whites of egg, beaten stiff. Then cook other half until it will form hard ball in cup of cold water. Then pour into other half. Beat until creamy adding nuts and flavor while beating. Then pour into buttered platter.

Nut caramel fudge

Cook sugar, butter, and milk until it will thread. Take from fire. Add flavoring and nuts and beat as you would fudge. Pour in buttered platter, cool and cut.


Put sugar, syrup, and water in pan. Boil until it will form hard ball when dropped in cold water. Beat egg whites until light then pour boiling syrup over them, beating all the time. After which add nuts and flavoring and beat until it begins to crystalize. Put out on wax paper to cool.

This makes about 1 pound.