Archie’s Recipe Book

Prison hooch and hot cakes

We finish out the year with the final three pages of recipes: Waffles, hot cakes, and hooch. This “wine” recipe calls for a giant pile of sugar and seems perfect for the prohibition era basement distillery.

The waffles and hot cake recipes both call for incorporating beaten egg whites (a meringue) into the batter. This is a great idea that I look forward to trying. I bet it makes for super fluffy pancakes. It also occurred to me, while transcribing these recipes, that once upon a time a waffle iron was just a big heavy pan that you baked waffles in (not some ridiculous contraption found next to a hotel’s continental breakfast).

What’s next for Archie’s Recipes? There’s a page or two of hand written measures I’d like to include and a bit of clean up to do. Finally I’d like to format this entire site as an ebook for easy sharing and archiving.