Archie’s Recipe Book

Tomato ketchup

Put all spices in a small cheesecloth bag. Cook all together until it darkens in color; then take out spices. When darkened and thick, pour while hot into sterilized bottles and seal.

(Note) about ½ lb. tomatoes and 4 large onions cooked until soft and then drained through a colander will make 1 gal. tomato pulp

Editor’s Note: “Red mangoes” here refers to red bell peppers

Sour krout

Put in large crock and let stand 2n days.


Wash and soak them overnight in brine not too strong. Then trim the green ends off and put in a kettle with vinegar and sugar to about cover them. Use 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water for the mixture if the vinegar is good and strong. Let them come to a boil, then carefully turn them over or push the top ones down in the vinegar and just let them boil a view minutes, or they will be too soft. Put a few spices in them if you like them flavored. I usually put a few more in top of can after they are done and ready to seal.