Archie’s Recipe Book

Spaghetti and ham

Break spaghetti into small pieces. Cook in 1 qt of boiling water until tender, add the tomatoes and cook 15 minutes. Trim the fat from the ham and fry it out. Fry the sliced onions and peppers slowly in this fat until tender. Chop the ham and add it with the onion and the pepper to the spaghetti and tomatoes.

Put in a baking casserole and bake 15 minutes in a moderate oven (350ºF).

Meat and rice

Cook rice in 2 cups of boiling water for 15 minutes, drain, season with salt and pepper and add beaten egg. Line the sides and bottom of a casserole with the rice, reserving a few tablespoons of rice to spread over the top. Melt butter, add flour and onions and brown slightly, add 1 cup water, then leftover meats and parsley. Pour this into rice mold, spread remaining rice over the top and bake for 1/2 hours in 350ºF oven. Uncover and brown.